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AWS Training in Bhopal

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AWS Cloud Computing (AWS)

Amazon Web Services - (AWS) Certification is rapidly attaining prominence as the most sought-after certificate for any IT experts working with AWS. We have included everything in our course to help you pass the AWS Certified Developer Associate (CDA) 2018 Exam. Even if you are completely new to AWS platform, in due course of our AWS training, you will be able to qualify the CDA exam. In order to enroll into the AWS training course, no specific programming knowledge or prior experience is required (however having the basic know-how of a language would be a plus point). After completing your AWS certification course from our Institute, you will be in high demand by several employers offering you a very attractive salary


Introduction to Cloud Computing

  1. Introduction to Cloud computing
  2. Why cloud computing
  3. Benefits

Types of Cloud Computing

  1. Public Cloud
  2. Private Cloud
  3. Hybrid Cloud
  4. Community Cloud
  5. Infrastructure as a service(IAAS)
  6. Software as a service(SAAS)
  7. Platform as a service(PAAS)

Cloud Computing Issues

  1. Security
  2. Costing Model
  3. Service Level Agreement
  4. Community Cloud
  5. Cloud Interoperability issue


  1. What is Virtualization
  2. Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  3. Types of Virtualization
  4. Virtualization Terminologies
  5. Hypervisor
  6. Benefits

Amazon Web Services

  1. Elastic computing
  2. Introduction to AWS products
  3. Region and Available ZonesTypes of Virtualization
  4. Signing for AWS
  5. Signing for AWS
  6. AWS free usage tier
  7. AWS management console

EC2 instances

  1. Understanding AMI
  2. Launching first AWS instance
  3. On-demand Instance Pricing
  4. Reserved Instance Pricing
  5. Choosing and Creating AMI
  6. IP addressing
  7. Public and private IP’s
  8. Key pairs

Elastic load Balancer

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic ELB concepts
  3. Internet-facing ELB
  4. VPC-facing ELB
  5. Create ELB & working on instances of ELB

Elastic Block Storage

  1. Create EBS
  2. Delete EBS
  3. Attach and detach EBS volume
  4. Mounting and un-mounting EBSS volume
  5. Creating and deleting snapshots

Cloud Watch

  1. Cloudwatch Dashboard
  2. Configuring Monitoring Services
  3. Setting thresholds
  4. Configuring Actions
  5. Getting Statistic for EC2
  6. Integrating cloudwatch with Auto scaling

Simple Notification Services

  1. What is SNS
  2. Creating Topics & subscription
  3. Subscribed to the subscription

Auto Scaling

  1. Horizontal and Vertical scaling
  2. Boot strapping
  3. Create and launch configuration

Identity Access Management

  1. Creating User and Group
  2. Applying policies
  3. Password policies
  4. Roles

Elastic Beanstalk

  1. Creating Environment
  2. Application versioning
  3. Deploying a sample app

Amazon S3

  1. What is S3
  2. RRS
  3. S3 durability
  4. S3 bucket
  5. S3 uploading and downloading
  6. S3 object versioning
  7. S3 life cycle


  1. Creating zones
  2. RRS
  3. Understanding Routing policies

Amazon RDS

  1. Selecting Database type
  2. Configuring database
  3. Creating Database
  4. Configuring backups
  5. Connecting to database

Cloud Formation

  1. What is cloud formation
  2. Deploying Templates
  3. Create stack
  4. Delete stack

Cloud Front

  1. Use of Cloud Front
  2. Creating cloud front distribution
  3. Hosting a website of cloudfront distribution
  4. Configuring origins and behaviors
  5. CDN

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

  1. What is VPC
  2. VPC configuration
  3. VPC security
  4. Elastic IP’s

Dynamo DB

  1. Creating a Dynamodb
  2. Configuring alarms
  3. Adding data manually

AWS Troubleshooting

  1. Troubleshooting EC2 instances
  2. Troubleshooting using ELB