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Blockchain Training in Bhopal

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We provide our customers with brilliant blockchain training to help them stay in touch with the existing and the evolving demands of business and the speediness of technology. Classes are adjustable to deal with common challenges, for example, remote teams, limited resources, and highly specialized requirements. The blockchain course we provide at Praadis Training will make you an ace in blockchain programming concepts such as cryptocurrencies, distributed ledger, hyper-ledger. This Blockchain online training course is focused on the major initiatives such as blockchain architecture, core layers of blockchain, Bitcoin mining, Ethereum public blockchain and private blockchain concepts. Enroll now without any delay!


Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

  1. Introduction to Blockchain
  2. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
  3. Cryptography and Cryptocurrency
  4. Digital Signatures
  5. Hash Codes
  6. Distributed networks
  7. Why Blockchain is crucial?
  8. Key vocabulary while discussing Blockchain
  9. Distinction between Databases and Blockchain
  10. Blockchain Ecosystem
  11. Blockchain Structure
  12. Working of Blockchain Technology
  13. Permissioned and permission-less Blockchain

Bitcoin and Blockchain

  1. Bitcoin and its history
  2. Why use Bitcoins?
  3. Where and how to buy Bitcoins
  4. How to store Bitcoins?
  5. How and where to spend Bitcoins?
  6. Selling Bitcoins
  7. Bitcoin transactions
  8. How Bitcoin transactions work
  9. What happens in case of invalid transactions
  10. Parameters that invalidate the transactions
  11. Scripting language in Bitcoin
  12. Nodes and network of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Mining

  1. Purpose of mining
  2. Algorithm used in mining
  3. Mining hardware
  4. How does Bitcoin mining work?
  5. Bitcoin mining pools
  6. How cloud mining of Bitcoin works?
  7. Mining incentives
  8. Security and centralizations


  1. What is Ethereum?
  2. What is Ether?
  3. How to use Ethereum?
  4. The Ethereum Ecosystem, DApps and DAOs
  5. How Ethereum mining works?
  6. Contract classes, functions, and conditionals
  7. Inheritance & Abstract Contracts
  8. Libraries
  9. Types & optimization of Ether
  10. Global variables
  11. Debugging
  12. Future of Ethereum

Setting up a Development Environment using Hyperledger Composer

  1. Developing business network
  2. Deploying & testing business network on composer cloud and Hyperledger fabric docker image

Create & Deploy your Private Blockchain on MultiChain

  1. Creating private Blockchain
  2. Connecting to Blockchain
  3. Create a new asset and sending it between nodes
  4. Mining between nodes

Setting up a Private Blockchain Environment using Ethereum Platform

  1. Implementing Blockchain using Ethereum
  2. Developing Smart Contracts


  1. Introduction to Hyperledger
  2. Hyperledger Architecture
  3. Consensus
  4. Consensus & its interaction with architectural layers
  5. Application programming interface
  6. Application model
  7. Network topology
  8. Exploring Hyperledger frameworks