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IOT Training in Bhopal

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Internet of Things

Get the most available Internet of Things training in Bhopal from Praadis Training and become an Internet of Things (IOT) expert. Our IOT training includes learning about the basics of electronics, for example, information on circuits, sensors, microcontrollers and know-how of the state-of-the-art programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, Javascript, Python and more. Our dedicated online training will give you a comprehensive insight of the constructive world of IOT. Our trainers will deliver solutions that will help them carve a niche in the industry. Enroll now for the cost-effective Internet of Things from us.


Services And Applications

  1. Use case examples
  2. AMR (Automatic Meter Reading)
  3. Smart City
  4. Smart Home
  5. Industrial Control
  6. Smart Social Networks
  7. Big Data Analytics

IOT System Architectures

  1. IOT system components
  2. IOT Devices
  3. IOT Gateways
  4. Cloud Access
  5. Cloud Components
  6. Cross connectivity across IOT system components
  7. Device to Gateway –Short Range Wireless
  8. Gateway to Cloud- Long Range connectivity
  9. Direct Device to Cloud connectivity
  10. IOT Device Power Constraints
  11. Powered and Unpowered Sensors
  12. Power Harvesting
  13. Energy Storage Technologies

IOT Physical Connectivity

  1. Background on digital communication techniques up-to-date: wireless, satellite and wired media, modulation, coding, antennas and MIMO
  2. Architectures: cellular, star, mesh, ring
  3. Cellular communication through generations and applicability to IOT
  4. LTE Advanced for Machine Type Communications (LTE-MTC), an evolution of LTE communications for connected things by 3GPP
  5. NarrowBand IOT, (NB-IOT), standardization effort by 3GPP for a LPWAN used in cellular networks

Short-Range Wireless

  1. Near-field communication (NFC)
  2. Radio-frequency identification (RFID)
  3. Thread – Network protocol based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, similar to ZigBee,
  4. Bluetooth low energy (BLE)
  5. Light-Fidelity (Li-Fi)
  6. Wi-Fi
  7. ZigBee
  8. Body area Networks – BAN

Medium And Long-Range Wireless

  1. HaLow (802.11ah)– Variant of the Wi-Fi standard providing extended range for low-power communication at a lower data rate.
  2. Very small aperture terminal (VSAT) – Satellite communication technology using small dish antennas for narrowband and broadband data
  3. Low-power wide-area networking (LPWAN) – Wireless networks designed to allow long-range communication at a low data rate, reducing power and cost for transmission
  4. Sigfox
  5. Light-Fidelity (Li-Fi)
  6. Weightless


  1. Ethernet
  2. Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA)
  3. Power-line communication (PLC)

IOT Networking

  1. Networking Architectures
  2. Networking Protocols
  3. IOT Devices Application Level Protocols


  1. IOT Security
  2. The problem- “Identity of Things
  3. Device On-Boarding
  4. Symmetric Encryption Standards
  5. Big Data - Data Storage And Analytics