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App Development Training in Bhopal

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Praadis provides complete IT services, like Web Development (Java, PHP), Ecommerce Development in (Wordpress, PHP), Mobile Application Development in (IOS, Android), Graphics Designing (Illustrator, Photoshop, Coral Draw) etc.

App Development

Apps have influenced virtually every area of life whether it is Communication, education, entertainment, health, sports, technology, medical etc. – these are just a handful of areas in our contemporary life in which we readily utilize apps to manage. Apps are the thing for professionals in all domains to offer vital tools to those who are in need of them most, to distribute innovative ideas to a mass of people or just to express themselves imaginatively. Our Mobile App Development training program is aimed to help you build responsive and powerful mobile applications through the most in-demand programming languages for Android and IOS, for example, Java, C# and Swift. Acquire skills in responsive web design, enterprise integration, and learn to deploy mobile data security unsurpassed practices.


Overview of Android Studio & its uses

  1. Installation and Configuration
  2. Introduction to Gradle and its use
  3. Android Life Cycle
  4. Manifest File
  5. Types of Application
  6. Working with ABD
  7. Emulator and Environment

Android UI & its Components

  1. GUI Architecture
  2. Layouts
  3. Android Widget Tool kits
  4. Serilization & Parceable
  5. Android Annotation
  6. Android Dialog & Pickers
  7. Butterknife & Annotations

Storage in Android

  1. Android Prefrences
  2. File Storage in SD Card
  3. SQlite Database Connectivity
  4. CRUD Operations in SQlite
  5. Realm- No SQL database

Parsing & Web Services

  1. XML Parsing
  2. Pull Parsing
  3. DOM Parsing
  4. SAX Parsing
  5. JSON Parsing
  6. Third Party Libraries
  7. Okhttp
  8. Retrofit
  9. Glide
  10. Picasoo
  11. MySQL Connectivity using Web
  12. Data Loading

Advanced Android Development

  1. Work in Background Process
  2. Broadcast Receiver and Android services
  3. Push Notification Services
  4. Google maps API integration
  5. Social Media Integration & App links
  6. Multimedia in Android
  7. Images, Graphics and Animation
  8. Access Phonebook & Call logs
  9. Bluetooth, Camera, Wi-Fi , Sensor
  10. Call and SMS

Publish and Deploy

  1. Deployment
  2. Publishing App
  3. Generating APK
app development