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React Js Training in Bhopal

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React Js

ReactJS is instrumental in building synergistic User Interfaces. ReactJS competently delivers the right elements for making changes in the data. Encapsulated elements that deal with their personal state are composed to create complex UIs. At Praadis Training, ReactJS training is delivered by qualified working professionals. Whether a participant is an end-user, partner or an employee working on the tool, our training and evaluations will help you to achieve success in using Capital Management functions by deploying ReactJS. Tekslate online training offers you a complete technique of learning ReactJS and helps you in building a right career.



  1. What is React?
  2. Why React?
  3. React version history
  4. React 16 vs React 15
  5. Just React - Hello World
  6. Using create-react-app
  7. Anatomy of react project
  8. Running the app
  9. Debugging first react app

Templating using JSX

  1. Working with React.createElement
  2. Expressions
  3. Using logical operators
  4. Specifying attributes
  5. WSpecifying children


  1. Significance of component architecture
  2. Types of components
  3. Functional
  4. Class based
  5. Pure
  6. Component Composition

Working with State & Props

  1. What is state and it significance
  2. Read state and set state
  3. Passing data to component using props
  4. Validating props using propTypes
  5. Supplying default values to props using defaultProps

Rendering Lists

  1. Using map function to iterate on arrays to generate elements

Event Handling in React

  1. Understanding Synthetic event
  2. Understanding Synthetic event
  3. Passing arguments to event handlers

Working with Forms

  1. Controlled components
  2. Uncontrolled components
  3. Understand the significance to default Value prop
  4. Using react ref prop to get access to DOM element

Routing with React Router

  1. Setting up react router
  2. Understand routing in single page applications
  3. Working with BrowserRouter and HashRouter components
  4. Configuring route with Route component
  5. Using Switch component to define routing rules
  6. Making routes dynamic using route params
  7. Working with nested routes
  8. Navigating to pages using Link and NavLink component
  9. Redirect routes using RedirectComponent
  10. Using Prompt component to get consent of user for navigation
  11. Path less Route to handle failed matches


  1. What is redux
  2. Why redux
  3. Redux principles
  4. Install and setup redux
  5. Creating actions, reducer and store


  1. What is Immutable.js?
  2. Immutable collections
  3. Lists
  4. Maps
  5. Sets

React Redux

  1. What is React Redux
  2. Why React Redux
  3. Presentational Vs. Container components
  4. Understand high order component
  5. Understanding mapStateToProps and mapDispatchtToProps usage

Webpack Primer

  1. What is webpack
  2. Why webpack
  3. Install and setup webpack
  4. Working with webpack configuration file
  5. Working with loaders
  6. Quick word on code splitting, lazy loading, tree shaking
  7. Setting up Hot Module Replacement