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Software Testing Training in Bhopal

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Quality Assurance (Testing)

The Software QA Testing training imparted at Praadis Training, the leading software testing training institute in Bhopal, is focused on nurturing the essential skills required to properly test applications manually or through automation. Our Quality Assurance (testing) classes are led by competent and accomplished trainers who possess a thorough knowledge of the specific area and are highly interactive. Each class includes lectures, discussions and lab exercises in software testing and quality assurance. You will gain access to a UNIX, SQL & HP QTP setting in our training classroom which has a relaxing environment. An online account bearing your name will also be created to get access to classroom materials with comprehensive, stepwise instructions for practical activities in your QA training.

Our know-how and experience in a range of testing software and technologies is commendable, as our testing team at Praadis Training Institute, the premier software testing training in Bhopal, comprises experts who are proficient in manual and automated testing. Our software testing services are designed specifically to meet clients’ needs. We utilize utilitarian practices into an organized testing procedure and are able to deliver cost-effective, bug-free solutions using the blended delivery framework. Our proficient test engineers will make the best of the efforts in search of bugs that could impede the software / product. In fact, you can utilize refined skills and process to catch bugs previously rather than later, saving a significant expense on you. Join our software testing training company in Bhopal now.


What is Software Testing?

  1. Water Fall Model
  2. Spiral Model
  3. V-model
  4. Prototype Model
  5. Hybrid Model
  6. Working with ABD
  7. Agile Model

Basic Concepts of Software Testing

  1. Why do we Test Software?
  2. What is a defect?
  3. Scope of Software Testing
  4. Life Cycle of software Testing
  5. What is a QA process?

Testing Techniques

  1. Validation versus Verification
  2. Example of Specific Testing Techniques
  3. Structural versus Functional Technique categories

Test Planning Techniques

  1. Prerequisites to Test Planning
  2. Build the Test plans
  3. Write the Test Plans

Testing Documentation

  1. Test Cases
  2. Test Case Design
  3. Building Test Cases
  4. Test Case Execution
  5. Defect Management

Types of Testing Techniques

  1. White Box Testing
  2. Gray Box Testing
  3. Black Box Testing

Types of Software Testing

  1. Manual Testing
  2. Automation Testing

Introduction to Manual Testing

  1. Basics
  2. Environment setup
  3. Levels of testing
  4. Defect tracking tool
  5. Test report creation

Introduction to Automation Testing

  1. Basics
  2. Environment setup
  3. Understanding the java/python Program
  4. Variables & Data Types in java/python
  5. Loops in java/python
  6. Arrays in java/python
  7. Collection in java
  8. Automation tools like selenium, appium etc
  9. Tools Environment set-up
  10. Report Generation