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Web Development Training in Bhopal

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Praadis provides complete IT services, like Web Development (Java, PHP), Ecommerce Development in (WordPress, PHP), Mobile Application Development in (IOS, Android), Graphics Designing (Illustrator, Photoshop, Coral Draw) etc.

Web Development

Web Development training in our Praadis Training institute, the premier web development training institute in Bhopal, is imparted by trained web professional developers and programming experts who excel in live projects such as PHP, ASP dot Net, Java, SQL / My SQL and other cutting-edge technologies. This way we are confident that our trainees will impart the best training to you in a competent manner.

We take modest pride and delight in being the best web development training centre in Bhopal. These folks volunteer their time with planned lessons and do their best to help students acquire the skills helpful in developing an ideal website.

At Praadis Training, the leading web development training institute in Bhopal, we impart web development training using cutting-edge technologies and via hand-on oriented classes. Our web development courses are focused on basic level training to state-of-the-art level training. It will help you to achieve your career goal as a proficient web developer.

Our web development training company in Bhopal has the syllabus that is just the ticket for everyone who is looking to get a job in IT sector or want to get the business off the ground to achieve the up-to-date industry expectations. Our web development course is scheduled for weekdays and weekend classes based on the student's request.

If you are in need of assistance beyond what the Website Development Training classes can offer, it is well worth hiring one of the training mavens from our institute. Our trainers offer affordable consulting, personal tutoring, and other available web services.


Basic Syntax

  1. Introduction to PHP
  2. Features of PHP
  3. PHP Installation
  4. PHP Tags
  5. Echo & Comments
  6. Very first PHP Program
  7. Data Type
  8. Constants
  9. Variable Scope
  10. PHP Operators

Control Structures

  1. The If-Else Statement & The Else-if Statement
  2. Features of PHP
  3. The while Loop
  4. The Do While Loop
  5. The For Loop
  6. The Foreach Loop
  7. The Switch Statement
  8. The Break & Continue Statement
  9. Include & Require

PHP Functions

  1. User-Defined Functions
  2. Function Parameters
  3. The Return Statement

PHP Arrays

  1. Numeric Arrays
  2. Associative Arrays
  3. Multi-Dimensional Arrays

PHP Predefined Variables

  1. $_SERVER Variables: Script Name
  2. $_SERVER Variables: Host Name
  3. PHP Forms
  4. GET and POST
  5. $_SESSION
  6. $_COOKIE

Advanced PHP

  1. PHP File Handling
  2. PHP Frameworks
  3. Security
  4. PHP Project